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An emerging New York performer/music director/musician, Matthew has spent the last three years training in Drama and Musical Theater at NYU Tisch in the New Studio on Broadway. 

Matthew feels very strongly that it's impossible to confine someone into any singular box for too long. While clarity and specificity are vital to the development of artistic identity, as well as the development of any piece or art form, it is imperative that artists and theater makers are allowed to stretch all of their muscles in the exploratory phases of their work. It is this exploration and variety that keeps Matthew driven to continue constantly exploring all avenues of artistic work, including but not limited to; actor, composer, copyist, arranger, rehearsal pianist, pit musician, music theory teacher's assistant, assistant music director, backup singer, keyboard programmer, theater camp counselor.

Matthew spends the majority of his time both in and out of the studio working in any and every capacity towards the goal of furthering the creation of music, art, and especially musical theater. There is nothing more exciting to Matthew than spending time in a room- working, playing, participating, or observing- where people are working on making great art- and if it's musical, theatrical, or musical theater, then all the better!